Management / Undergraduate Study

Accounting Minor

The Accounting minor provides students with a comprehensive accounting background; admission is competitive and based on overall UCLA grade-point average, grade-point average in pre-admission courses, and the grades in Management 1A and 1B. Decisions on admission to the minor are made by the Anderson School Accounting Area. Applications are accepted in fall, winter, and spring quarters. Nontransfer students must apply subsequent to completing 90 units. Transfer students must apply after completing two academic quarters (excluding summer sessions) at UCLA.

To enter the minor, students must (1) have a minimum cumulative UCLA grade-point average of 3.2, (2) complete all required pre-admission courses with a minimum course grade-point average of 3.2, and (3) receive grades of B or better in Management 1A and 1B. Repetition of more than one pre-admission course or of any pre-admission course more than once results in automatic denial of admission to the minor. Satisfying these requirements does not guarantee admission to the program, as only a limited number of students are admitted each year.

Required Pre-admission Courses (31 units minimum): Economics 1, 2, any statistics course offered or considered transferable to UCLA, Management 1A and 1B (former course 100 taken at UCLA may be substituted), Mathematics 3A or 31A, 3B or 31B or 31E, one Writing II course. If Management 1A and/or 1B are not taken at UCLA, students must complete courses 120A and 122 prior to admission to the minor.

Required Upper-Division Courses (36 units): Management 120A, 120B, 122, 127A, and three courses from 108, 109, 123, 124, 126, 127B, 127C, 128, 130A.

A minimum of 20 units applied toward the minor requirements must be in addition to units applied toward major requirements or another minor.

Transfer credit for any of the above courses is subject to department approval and is considered only for the pre-admission courses. Only one pre-admission and one upper-division course repeat is allowed.

Each pre-admission and upper-division course must be taken for a letter grade; if taken on a Passed/Not Passed basis, it cannot be applied toward the minor program. Each upper-division course must be completed at UCLA. All courses applied toward minor requirements must receive a grade of C or better. Successful completion of the minor is indicated on the transcript and diploma.

Entrepreneurship Minor

See the Entrepreneurship minor for a description of the minor.