Graduate Admission

Special Admission Policies

No Degree Objective

UCLA has no special limited or unclassified categories of graduate admission. Under some circumstances, however, applicants may be admitted for coursework without a degree objective. For example, teachers with a master’s degree who wish some refresher study, or international students on a one-year stay in the U.S., may wish to apply in this manner. Requirements for admission are the same as those for degree programs, and the academic program must agree to accept the student for no degree objective (NDO) status. All admissions to NDO status must be specially approved by the dean of the Graduate Division, as must any University financial assistance for students having NDO status.

Duplication of Degrees

The University of California, in general, discourages the duplication of advanced degrees. At the same time, it recognizes that a professional degree does not duplicate an academic one, and that pressing needs may exist for degrees in different areas (see Graduate Concurrent and Articulated Degrees in the Majors and Degrees chapter). Students who apply for a second academic degree at the same level or lower than the one they already hold are required to show compelling cause to the department. The Graduate Division is particularly concerned that a careful review and special justification be made by the graduate program in all cases where an applicant or continuing student is recommended for admission to a second doctoral program. This concern also extends to a student support recommendation for pursuit of a second doctorate degree. All degree requirements and UCLA regulations apply just as they do for a first degree. Courses and other degree requirements already applied to the earlier degree may not be applied to the second.

Summer Session Classes

Enrollment in summer session classes does not constitute admission to graduate standing, nor does it substitute for the required continuous registration in fall, winter, and spring quarters. Students who wish to apply summer sessions classes to their subsequent graduate program should consult in advance with their departmental adviser. This is also true if they have been readmitted to graduate standing and wish to resume graduate study in summer sessions. Information and applications are available from Summer Sessions, 1331 Murphy Hall.

If students take summer session classes following the award of the bachelor’s degree, those grades do not appear on the undergraduate transcript (they are included on a separate transcript). After students are accepted by Graduate Division, summer session grades are included on the graduate transcript and computed in the grade-point average.