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UCLA General Catalog 2017-18

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    School of the Arts and Architecture

Department Requirements


School of the Arts and Architecture departments generally set two types of requirements that must be satisfied for the award of the degree: preparation for the major (lower-division courses) and the major (upper-division courses). Preparation for the major courses should be completed before beginning upper-division work.

Preparation for the Major

A major requires completion of a set of courses known as preparation for the major. Each department sets its own preparation for the major requirements; see the Curricula and Courses chapter of this catalog.

The Major

A major is composed of no less than 56 units, including at least 36 units of upper-division courses.

Students must complete their major with a scholarship average of at least a 2.0 (C) in all courses in order to remain in the major. Each course in the major department must be taken for a letter grade.

As changes in major requirements occur, students are expected to satisfy the new requirements insofar as possible. Hardship cases should be discussed with the department adviser, and petitions for adjustment should be submitted to the dean of the school when necessary.

Any department offering a major in the School of the Arts and Architecture may require a general final examination.

Individual Majors. Highly motivated students who believe that no single major accommodates their specific interests and goals may propose designing their own major. Proposals are prepared with faculty guidance and sponsorship and must explain the intent concerning the anticipated program of study and reasons why the academic goals cannot be achieved within an existing major. Proposals must be submitted no later than the end of the sophomore year. Transfer students must complete at least one term of residency at UCLA before proposing an individual major. Students interested in designing an individual major should consult the Director of Student Services, School of the Arts and Architecture, 2200 Broad Art Center.

Minors and Double Majors. Students may petition to be reviewed for a minor and/or double major on an individual basis. It is strongly recommended that students pursuing a minor or double major enroll in 15 to 20 units per term. Contact the Student Services Office for an outline of criteria required.

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