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UCLA General Catalog 2017-18

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    About UCLA

Special Archives and Collections


In addition to the extensive collections of the UCLA Library, a rich array of other information resources is independently managed by individual UCLA departments and centers.

Cultural Center Collections

The Bunche Center for African American Studies Library and Media Center contains materials reflecting the African American experience in the social sciences, arts, and humanities. The American Indian Studies Center Library houses a collection on American Indian life, culture, and state of affairs in historical and contemporary perspectives. The Asian American Studies Center Library/Reading Room features Asian American and Pacific Islander resources. Materials related to Chicano and Latino cultures are housed in the Chicano Studies Research Center Library. The William Andrews Clark Memorial Library contains rare books, manuscripts, and other noncirculating materials on English culture (1641 to 1800). The English Reading Room features a noncirculating collection of British and American literature, literary history, and criticism.

Instructional Media

Instructional Media Collections and Services, located in Powell Library, is the central UCLA resource for collection and maintenance of educational and instructional media. Materials from the collection are loaned to regularly scheduled UCLA classes and may be rented by organizations and individuals from the campus community and beyond. Staff members monitor compliance with University guidelines and federal copyright law governing the use of video recordings. Reference books from educational and feature-film distributors are available. Staff members assist in researching media on any subject and obtaining materials from outside sources.

The Instructional Media Laboratory offers access to course- or textbook-related audio, interactive, and video programs. Students, assigned by faculty members to study specific supplementary materials, may learn at their own pace and time.

UCLA Film and Television Archive

The UCLA Film and Television Archive is the world’s largest university-based collection of motion pictures and broadcast programming. The archive holdings of over 300,000 original film and television materials serve both the UCLA community and national and international constituencies.

The Motion Picture Collection is the country’s largest collection after the Library of Congress. Among its outstanding collections are 27 million feet of Hearst Metrotone News film dating back to 1919. Other noteworthy holdings include studio print libraries from Twentieth-Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Sony/Columbia Pictures, Republic Pictures, RKO, New World Pictures, and Orion Pictures. Special collections document the careers of William Wyler, Hal Ashby, Tony Curtis, Rosalind Russell, Stanley Kramer, Cecil B. DeMille, Harold Lloyd, Charlton Heston, Rock Hudson, and other persons of prominence in the American film industry.

The Television Collection is the nation’s largest university-based collection of television broadcast materials. Its titles include kinescopes, telefilms, and videotapes spanning television history from 1946 to the present, with emphasis on drama, comedy, and variety programming. A special collection of over 100,000 news and public affairs programs is also maintained.

The archive exhibition program presents evening screenings and discussions that focus on archival materials, new work by independent filmmakers, and international films.

The Archive Research and Study Center (ARSC) in Powell Library offers on-site viewing of the Film and Television Archive collections and research consultation to students, faculty, and researchers.

Other Collections

The Ethnomusicology Archive houses over 100,000 sound and audiovisual recordings of folk, ethnic, and non-Western classical music. The Social Science Data Archive contains a collection of statistical databases for the social sciences. The UCLA Lab School Gonda Family Library features contemporary materials for children from kindergarten through junior high school and adult works on children’s literature.

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