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UCLA General Catalog 2017-18

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    School of Nursing

Policies and Regulations


Degree requirements are subject to policies and regulations, including the following:

Student Responsibility

Students should take advantage of academic support resources, but they are ultimately responsible for keeping informed of and complying with the rules, regulations, and policies affecting their academic standing.

Study List

The presentation of study lists by the students and their acceptance by the school evidences an obligation on the part of the students to faithfully perform the designated work to the best of their ability. Withdrawal from, or neglect of, any course entered on the study list, or a change in program without the formal permission of the assistant dean of Student Affairs renders students liable to enforced withdrawal from the University or other appropriate disciplinary action.

Students are expected to follow the course sequence specified for their program. After the first term, they may petition to carry a program of study exceeding 20 units provided they have an overall grade-point average of 3.0 (B or better) and have attained at least a B average in the preceding term with all courses passed.

Minimum Progress

Students are expected to complete satisfactorily at least 36 units during any three consecutive terms in residence; they are placed on probation if they fail to pass these units. They are subject to dismissal if they fail to pass at least 32 units in three consecutive regular terms in residence.

Concurrent Enrollment

Enrollment at a non-UC institution or UCLA Extension while enrolled at UCLA is not permitted except in extraordinary circumstances. No credit is given for courses taken concurrently elsewhere without the approval of the school.

Credit Limitations

The following credit limitations apply to all undergraduate students enrolled in the school:

Advanced Placement Examinations. Credit earned through the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations may not be applied toward the general education requirements. Portions of AP Examination credit may be evaluated by corresponding UCLA course numbers (e.g., History 1C). If students take the equivalent UCLA course, unit credit for such duplication is deducted before graduation. See the school AP table for UCLA course equivalents and credit allowed for GE requirements.

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