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UCLA General Catalog 2017-18

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    School of Theater, Film, and Television

Departments and Programs


The Department of Theater and the Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media are essential components of the rich intellectual, cultural, and professional life of UCLA. Depending on the degree involved, the school’s programs are either strongly professional in nature or oriented toward advanced scholarly study and research in an atmosphere that recognizes and often draws on studio practice.

Students in undergraduate courses receive a broadly based, liberal education within the context of either theater or film and television.

The Master of Fine Arts degree programs prepare talented and highly motivated students for careers in the worlds of theater, film, television, and digital production. The MA and PhD programs engage students in the critical study and research of these media, including their history, aesthetics, and theory, and prepare students for advanced research within the context of college and university teaching, as well as for writing and research in a variety of media-related professions.

In the Department of Theater, approximately 300 undergraduate and 83 graduate students interact with over 40 faculty members, outstanding guests of national and international standing, and a professional staff of 35 in an exciting artistic community of theater production and study. The theater and performance studies program offers CPhil and PhD degrees for the advanced scholarly study of theater and performance. Resources include the four theaters of the Macgowan Hall complex, with the latest technologies needed for the creation, control, and integration of scenery, lighting, and sound. Specializations in the Master of Fine Arts program include acting, design, directing, and playwriting.

The Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media includes both production and critical studies programs, with approximately 275 graduate and 100 undergraduate students. The 50 faculty members include leading scholars as well as members of the Los Angeles and international film and television professional communities. In production, graduate specializations are offered in the areas of film and television production, screenwriting, animation, and the producers program. The cinema and media studies program offers MA and PhD degrees for the advanced scholarly study of film and television. The department’s resources in Melnitz Hall include three sound stages, three television studios, extensive editing, scoring, and viewing facilities, a complete animation laboratory for both traditional and computer-generated animation, and a laboratory and research facility for digital media.

The MA and PhD programs are supported by the collections of the University’s libraries and the UCLA Film and Television Archive, the largest in the U.S. outside the Library of Congress. This archive forms a unique and priceless resource for research and classroom instruction. MA and PhD faculty members and students also participate in various campus organized research units.

Teaching Credentials

Students interested in obtaining instructional credentials for California elementary and secondary schools should contact the Teacher Education Program, 1009 Moore Hall.

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