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UCLA General Catalog 2017-18

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    About UCLA

Clubs and Organizations


Joining a club or organization is a great way to meet other students with shared interests and to get involved in campus life.

Community Programs Office

The UCLA Community Programs Office (CPO) houses 25 student-initiated community service projects that offer educational, legal, social, medical, and academic services to underserved communities in Southern California; seven student-initiated outreach projects that seek to improve the number of students from local underserved areas who attend colleges and universities; and five student-initiated retention projects that seek to ensure that all students who enter UCLA actually graduate. CPO programs foster a multicultural and ethnically diverse environment at UCLA.

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternities and sororities have been at UCLA since the early 1920s. Today UCLA is home to more than 70 national and local Greek-letter organizations that make up one of the largest Greek systems on the West Coast.

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) interprets University policies, procedures, and regulations, and acts as a liaison between established Greek organizations and the University. It coordinates Greek-letter social organizations that participate in programs such as the Greek Leadership Conference, Greeks against Sexual Assault (GASA), Greek Week, new member forums, dating expectations programs, intramural tournaments, and University-sponsored programs.

Office of Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life hosts True Bruin Welcome, the Common Book experience, and brings a variety of programs to the Hill to build a sense of community and offer social enrichment.

Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement

UCLA has over 1,000 different organizations recognized by Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement (SOLE)—more than are found on almost any other university campus in the country. Organizations registered with SOLE include political, recreational, community service, cultural, academic, religious, and residential clubs. It only takes three people to start a new club if their interests are not already represented. SOLE also handles complaints of misconduct against officially recognized student organizations.

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