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UCLA General Catalog 2017-18

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    Undergraduate Study



Registrar’s Office
1113 Murphy Hall
310-825-1091, option 6

Registration consists of paying fees and enrolling in classes.

  1. Registration fees and other University charges are due the 20th of each month. BruinBill accounts can be viewed through MyUCLA.
  2. Enrollment in classes is completed through MyUCLA.

Students must complete both processes by the established deadlines to be officially registered and enrolled for the term.

Paying Fees

Details on fee payment, enrollment procedures, and deadlines are on the Registrar’s website.


BruinBill accounts are administered electronically (e-bill) through MyUCLA. Financial activity is displayed for the current term, as well as account activity for the last 24 months. MyUCLA also links to important communications from the University regarding registration and University policies. Students can pay their BruinBill account electronically using electronic checks with no fee, or American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA credit cards with a fee.

Annual Undergraduate Fees

Although the exact cost of attending UCLA varies, there are some fees that all UCLA students must pay. UCLA does not charge on a per-unit basis. Each entering and readmitted student is required to submit a Statement of Legal Residence. Students classified as nonresidents of California must pay annual nonresident supplemental tuition in addition to registration fees. Legal residents of California are not required to pay nonresident supplemental tuition. For a definition of residence and nonresidence, see Appendix A.

The Student Services Fee covers student expenses such as counseling, facilities, registration, graduation, and health services. The fee is charged whether or not students make use of these services.

All fees are subject to change without notice by the Regents. Current academic year fees and updated information is available on the Registrar’s annual fees web page.

Instructional Enhancement Initiative Fee

The Instructional Enhancement Initiative (IEI) Fee supports technology in undergraduate education. The fee helps support course websites and online tools, computer laboratories, and software.

Course Materials and Services Fees

The College of Letters and Science and each school are authorized to assess course materials and services fees. Some course materials and services fees are assessed based on actual enrollment at the end of the fourth week of classes. Students are responsible for ensuring that all study list errors and omissions are corrected prior to the end of the second week. All students in a course with an approved course materials and services fee are assessed the fee, regardless of major. The fee is nonrefundable. Students who are approved for a Late Add enrollment in a course after the third week are required to pay the course materials and services fee, which is billed through BruinBill, for the entire term.

Fee amounts are available on the Registrar’s course fees web page.

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous fees include charges for late registration fees payment. Late fees also apply if students file their study list late or do not pay off BruinBill balances on time. Fees are charged if any check is returned by a bank for any reason. Charges are assessed for most petitions and other special requests. Study list, document and service, transcript-related, and degree and diploma fees are published on the Registrar’s website.

Student Health Insurance Fee

All undergraduate students are automatically assessed for and enrolled in the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP) as a condition of registration at UCLA. Continued enrollment in a qualified health insurance plan is mandatory during all registered terms. UCSHIP components are medical, vision, dental, and behavioral health services.

The UCSHIP fee is billed each term along with other UCLA fees. UCSHIP fulfills all requirements mandated for a qualified health insurance plan as defined by the University of California. The Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center is the primary health care provider for UCSHIP, and where all nonemergency medical care is initiated.

If students withdraw during a school term, they may continue to use the Ashe Center on a fee-for-service basis for the remainder of the term, effective from the date of the withdrawal.

Waiving UCSHIP

Students may waive UCSHIP if they maintain active enrollment in a qualified health insurance plan that meets all established requirements, apply for a waiver within established deadlines each term, and correctly complete the online waiver form. Students are responsible for providing complete and accurate information. Third-party individuals may not waive UCSHIP for a student. Waivers must be submitted before the term fees payment deadline. Deadlines are strictly enforced, and no refunds are issued after the deadline. For more information, see the waiving UCSHIP web page.

Immunization Requirements

UCLA requires that all incoming students be vaccinated against or show immunity to multiple infectious diseases consistent with guidelines of the American College Health Association, California Department of Public Health, and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These requirements help protect the health of students and the entire campus community. Students submit their immunization history to the Ashe Center secure patient portal. See the Ashe Center website for more information.

Fee Refunds

Students who formally withdraw from the University may receive partial refunds of fees. For information on withdrawal, see the Academic Policies chapter of this catalog or consult the Registrar’s refunds web page for policy details and specific refund deadlines for each term.

Fee Waiver Requests

Late registration, processing, and penalty fees are waivable on request in writing to the office assessing the fees only if they were incurred through the fault of the University or because a student suffered sudden and debilitating injury or accident.

Reduced Fee Programs

UCLA recognizes the need for part-time study in special circumstances. Undergraduate resident students—when properly approved by the dean of their College/school for enrollment in 10 units or less—may be eligible for a one-half reduction in tuition. The reduction is based on total units enrolled as of Friday of the third week of classes. Students should contact their College or school for eligibility requirements.

File a Fee Reduction Request with the academic Dean’s office by Friday of the second week. Except for these qualified and approved part-time students, there is no reduction in tuition, or in the student services, student union, Wooden Center, student programs, activities, and resources complex (SPARC), or Undergraduate Students Association fee.

Undergraduate nonresident students with College or school approval for enrollment in 10 units or less pay only half the nonresident supplemental tuition fee. File a Fee Reduction Request with the College or school office by Friday of the second week of classes for the applicable term.

Full-time University employees may apply for a reduction of tuition and the student services fee at their Campus Human Resources office. Students who use the part-time fee reduction may not also use the UC employee reduction.

Enrolling in Classes

New students should see an academic counselor before enrolling in classes (counseling is required in the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science). Counselors help new students select courses and formulate a schedule tailored to their academic interests or degree objectives.

New Student Orientation takes new students through a step-by-step process designed to ensure that they enroll in an effective program.


Students enroll in classes through MyUCLA during assigned times—called enrollment appointments—when they are allowed to enroll. The Class Planner feature allows students to create class plans prior to enrollment, share plans with counselors, and quickly add classes during their enrollment appointment. Students use the Find a Class or Section feature to search the Schedule of Classes and add available classes to their class plan or study list.

MyUCLA is also used to view enrollment appointments, drop classes, change grade type and number of units, exchange classes, and view one’s study list, which includes information on class meeting times, final examinations, classmates, grades, textbooks, and class websites. For more information, see the Registrar’s study list and enrollment policies web pages.

For classes that require written approval or specialized processing, students may enroll in person Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1113 Murphy Hall.

Study List

A study list is the record of courses a student is enrolled in for the term. At 11:59 p.m. on Friday of the second week of instruction the study list of enrolled courses becomes official, and all wait lists are eliminated. Students should verify their study list through MyUCLA after each enrollment transaction. Students are responsible for all courses and the grading basis as listed on MyUCLA and cannot receive credit for courses not listed.

After Friday of the second week, most changes to the official study list can be made with a fee through MyUCLA. Some changes require an Enrollment Petition along with approval signatures.

See the study list web page for deadlines and complete instructions.

Errors or omissions should be corrected before the College or school deadlines for changes by petition. Unapproved withdrawal from or neglect of a course entered on the study list results in a failing grade.

Wait List

Some departments establish wait lists for classes that are full. If a student in the class drops, the seat is filled by a student on the wait list. Students can check enrollment status through MyUCLA. Position on a wait list does not indicate enrollment. Students on a wait list should not assume they will be added to a class.

Wait lists are maintained through Friday of the second week of instruction unless a department deletes them earlier.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment—defined as taking courses during regular sessions for credit at UCLA and, at the same time, at a non-UC institution, including UCLA Extension—is not permitted except in extraordinary circumstances, and no credit is given for such courses unless the approval of the UCLA College or school has been obtained by petition prior to enrollment.

Intersegmental Cross-Enrollment Program

Undergraduate students enrolled in any campus of the California community colleges, the California State University, or the University of California may enroll without formal admission in a maximum of one course per academic term at a campus of either of the other systems at the discretion of the appropriate campus authorities on both campuses on a space-available basis per the California Education Code sections 66755 and 66756 (amended by California Senate Bill 361 passed in 1999). Enrollment in precollege courses is excluded.

UCLA students qualify for intersegmental cross-enrollment if they meet all the following requirements:

  1. Complete at least one term at UCLA as a matriculated student
  2. Enroll for a minimum of 6 units for the current term
  3. Earn a grade-point average of 2.0 (C) for work completed
  4. Pay appropriate tuition and fees at UCLA for the current term
  5. Complete appropriate academic preparation as determined by the host campus
  6. Have California resident status

Obtain a concurrent enrollment application from the College or school. An administration fee is charged for each academic term such enrollment is requested.

Intercampus Visitor Program

Undergraduate students enrolled at one campus of the University of California may have the opportunity to attend another UC campus for one quarter or semester on the Intercampus Visitor Program. Observe the deadlines on the application. Applications are reviewed by a student’s College or school. Letters and Science students should consult College Academic Counseling in A316 Murphy Hall; Arts and Architecture students should contact the Student Services Office in 2200 Broad Art Center; Music students should consult the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management in 1642 Schoenberg Music Building; Theater, Film, and Television students should consult the Student Services Office in 103 East Melnitz Building; Engineering students should contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs in 6426 Boelter Hall.

Simultaneous UC Enrollment

Undergraduate students may enroll simultaneously in courses offered by another UC campus. Eligible students must be registered (fees paid), in good standing, and enrolled in at least 12 units at UCLA. Students may simultaneously enroll in no more than one UC host-campus course not to exceed 6 units. Before attending the host campus, both campuses must give approval. Approval to enroll simultaneously on another UC campus does not guarantee credit toward specific degree or general education requirements. Application of host-campus courses to UCLA graduation requirements is determined by the College or school. Details are on the application form. Obtain applications and directions for submitting forms from the following offices: honors students, A311 Murphy Hall; student athletes, Morgan Center; AAP students, 1209 Campbell Hall; all other Letters and Science students, College Academic Counseling, A316 Murphy Hall; Arts and Architecture, Music, Theater, Film, and Television, Engineering, and Nursing students, their respective Student Affairs Office. The application is also available on the Registrar’s website.

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