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UCLA General Catalog 2017-18

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    Graduate Study

Shared Governance


Graduate degree programs, courses, and requirements are governed and administered by the Graduate Council, Graduate Division, College and school faculty executive committees, and department advisers.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is a standing committee of the UCLA Academic Senate. The council is responsible for the establishment of UCLA policy and standards for master, doctorate, and graduate professional degree programs (other than those in law, medicine, and dentistry) and postdoctoral scholars; the approval, review, and monitoring of graduate degree programs; and recommendations about fellowships and assistantships. It also recommends to the systemwide Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs programs that lead to new degrees and delegates authority to Graduate Division and College and school faculty executive committees.

Graduate Division

The UCLA Graduate Division administers policy established by the Academic Senate and its Graduate Council. It oversees graduate recruitment and admissions (including recruitment of a diverse student body), fellowships, teaching assistantships, graduate student researcher appointments, and other graduate student support; and maintenance of high quality standards in all graduate programs. The dean of the Graduate Division also serves as vice provost of graduate education.

Graduate Adviser

At matriculation, a graduate student usually selects or is assigned a graduate adviser who assists in program planning and completion of degree requirements. Sometimes this role is temporarily assumed by a faculty adviser assigned to the program as a whole. When the student’s master or doctoral committee is established, the chair of the committee assumes the adviser’s role.

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