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UCLA General Catalog 2017-18

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    Academic Policies

Transcripts and Records


The transcript is the complete record of a student’s academic work at UCLA. The Registrar prepares, maintains, and permanently retains this record. Additional records may include financial and personal student information.


The transcript reflects all undergraduate and graduate work completed in UCLA regular and summer sessions. It lists chronologically courses, units, grades, cumulative GPA, transfer credits, and total units.

Official UCLA paper transcripts are printed on security paper to safeguard against unauthorized duplication, alteration, and misrepresentation. The paper has a multicolor security background design and a border with the words University of California, Los Angeles. Authentication details are located in the lower right-hand corner of the transcript, and the transcript legend is located on the reverse of the document. Transcripts are issued in blue envelopes marked Official Transcripts Enclosed.

Official UCLA electronic PDF transcripts contain a background design, identifying border text, authentication details, and legend. The secure file is sent with a cover page that includes UCLA, student, and recipient information.

Two types of official UCLA transcript—academic and verification—are designed to meet specific needs. Both can be ordered through MyUCLA, as can an unofficial (student copy) academic transcript.

Academic Transcript

The academic transcript is a student’s complete academic record, including a listing of courses taken, transfer credit, units, grades, grade-point average (GPA), earned UCLA degrees, and in-progress term information. In-progress information includes a list of the courses that a student enrolled in during the term the document was requested and other in-progress information such as a change in major or the removal of an I grade.

Grades for completed terms are processed immediately following the conclusion of final examinations. Complete academic transcripts are available approximately two weeks after the last day of the term. For graduating students, academic transcripts with the graduation date included are available approximately six weeks after the end of the term. Students who require earlier proof of graduation should contact a degree auditor at 1113 Murphy Hall.

The minimum period required for processing and issuing academic transcripts for both registered and former students is three working days.

For auto insurance good-student discount, an academic transcript can be attached to the insurance form, or the form may be presented at 1113 Murphy Hall.

Verification Transcript

The verification transcript certifies registration (fee payment), enrollment status, and degrees. Verification transcripts confirm student status only after registration fees have been paid for the term. Verification of student workload is based on actual enrolled units and does not consider wait-list units, or list courses for a term.

Verification of degree can be issued after the degree has been posted to the student’s record, approximately six weeks after the term ends. If verification is required before the degree is posted, the student may contact a degree auditor at 1113 Murphy Hall.

Third-Party Verifications

UCLA has authorized National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for all third-party verifications of student enrollment and degrees, including those for loans and creditors. Approved by the U.S. Department of Education, the Clearinghouse is a national organization that facilitates and expedites student enrollment verifications for creditors and other student service-related agencies. The Clearinghouse abides by all provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Degree verification for the most recent term is available approximately seven weeks after the term ends.

Ordering Transcripts

Continuing students must order official academic and verification transcripts through MyUCLA. Other students may order transcripts through MyUCLA, in person at 1113 Murphy Hall, or by using a Transcript Order form.

Requests are not processed if students have outstanding financial, academic, or administrative obligations (holds) to the University. Transcripts of work completed elsewhere must be requested directly from the campus or institution concerned.

More information on ordering transcripts is available by calling 310-825-1091 or by sending e-mail.

For UCLA Extension courses, order transcripts from UCLA Extension, P.O. Box 24901, Department K, Los Angeles, CA 90024-0901 or online.

Fees and Payment

Most academic and verification transcripts are available at no charge after payment of the Document Fee.

A fee may be charged for some transcript-related services. For example, forms that must be completed by the Registrar’s Office and envelopes that require official signatures are charged a special handling fee. Expedited service—processing within 24 hours (paper) or 30 minutes (PDF)—is available for an additional fee, or transcripts can be faxed for an additional fee. Faxed transcripts are generally not considered official, and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

Transcript requests are not processed for anyone with outstanding obligations to the University. For exact fees, see transcript-related fees.

Student Records

Student files of pertinent documents are maintained for up to five years from the admit term. Students may view their records at the Registrar’s Office, 1113 Murphy Hall. Five days’ advance notice is required for viewing.


Through MyUCLA, students acquire academic, financial, and personal information from their UCLA academic records.

Change of Name or Address

Students who wish to change their legal name on official University records should complete a Legal Name Change or Correction form and submit it with documentation supporting the name change to the Registrar’s Office, 1113 Murphy Hall. Students on an F or J visa must provide a current passport bearing the exact same name as the new name. All name changes are recorded on the transcript.

Student changes of address should be updated through MyUCLA.

Closure of Student Records

Student records are closed to revisions in enrollment, grading, and academic actions on award of a degree. Students are responsible for requesting review of their record prior to award of their degree. See UCLA Procedure 220.1 Student Grievances Regarding Challenge to Content of Student Records Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Changes requested by an individual after award of a degree are considered by the College or school only under extraordinary circumstances. Supportive documentation is required. On action of the academic dean, a statement of the request for revision and a note of the change will be recorded only in the memoranda section of the transcript.

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