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UCLA General Catalog 2017-18

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    Geffen School of Medicine



The Geffen School of Medicine offers an MD degree program and postgraduate medical training programs; and faculty members participate in the Graduate Programs in Bioscience. Additional master’s and doctorate degrees are offered through the UCLA Graduate Division.

Biological Chemistry MS, PhD
Biomathematics MS, PhD
Clinical Research MS
Human Genetics MS, PhD
Medicine MD
Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics MS, PhD
Molecular and Medical Pharmacology MS, PhD
Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology PhD
Neurobiology MS, CPhil, PhD
Neuroscience PhD
Pathology—Cellular and Molecular Pathology MS, PhD
Physics and Biology in Medicine MS, PhD
Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences Clinical Psychology Internship Certificate

Articulated Degree Programs

Medicine MD/Any Graduate Division major PhD

Concurrent Degree Programs

Medicine MD/Management MBA
Medicine MD/Public Policy MPP

MD Degree Program

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program is a four-year medical curriculum that prepares students broadly for careers in research, practice, and teaching in the medical field of their choice.

For details on the MD curriculum, see the curriculum web page. For information about applying to the program, see the application web page or contact the Geffen School of Medicine Admissions Office, 17-253 East Center for the Health Sciences, Box 957035, Los Angeles, CA 90095-7035.

Articulated Degree Programs

The Geffen School of Medicine and the Graduate Division offer the Medical Scientist Training Program, an articulated degree program that allows students to earn both the MD and PhD in about eight years, depending on the course of study and research. The PhD may be awarded in one of several medical or social sciences fields.

Concurrent Degree Programs

Concurrent programs with the Anderson Graduate School of Management and Luskin School of Public Affairs, and an articulated program with the Fielding School of Public Health, allow UCLA medical students to earn both the MD and MBA, MD and MPP, or the MD and MPH degrees over five years by following a designated course of study and some shared coursework. Separate application must be made to the Anderson School, Luskin School of Public Affairs, or Fielding School of Public Health during the third year of medical school.

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