Distinguished Teaching Awards

Academic Senate Recipients

Each year the UCLA Alumni Association presents Distinguished Teaching Awards to Academic Senate faculty members. The highly prized awards are presented at the annual Andrea L. Rich Night to Honor Teaching, and selection of recipients is based on recommendations of the Academic Senate Committee on Teaching. Nominations are solicited from academic departments during fall quarter.

The Luckman Distinguished Teaching Awards Program was established in late 1991 after receipt of a generous gift from Harriet and Charles Luckman. Awards given for 1992 through 1997 were named the Luckman Distinguished Teaching Awards.


John F. Barron (Economics)

Hector E. Hall (Physiology)

Kenneth N. Trueblood (Chemistry and Biochemistry)


Charles W. Hoffman (Germanic Languages)

Thomas P. Jenkin (Political Science)

Ken Nobe (Chemical Engineering)


Carl W. Hagge (Germanic Languages)

Wendell P. Jones (Education)

Robert H. Sorgenfrey (Mathematics)

Saul Winstein (Chemistry and Biochemistry)


Mostafa A. El-Sayed (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Leon Howard (English)

Moshe F. Rubinstein (Civil and Environmental Engineering)


E.A. Carlson (Biology)

W.R. Hitchcock (History)

Allen Parducci (Psychology)

William R. Romig (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)


George A. Bartholomew (Biology)

William P. Gerberding (Political Science)

Hans Meyerhoff (Philosophy)

Joseph E. Spencer (Geography)


Basil Gordon (Mathematics)

J.A.C. Grant (Political Science)

William Matthews (English)

David S. Saxon (Physics and Astronomy)

E.K.L. Upton (Physics and Astronomy)


Edward W. Graham (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

W. James Popham (Education)

Sydney C. Rittenberg (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)

Robert P. Stockwell (Linguistics)

Fred N. White (Physiology)


Robert J. Finkelstein (Physics and Astronomy)

Douglas S. Hobbs (Political Science)

J.E. Phillips (English)

Raymond M. Redheffer (Mathematics)

Margret I. Sellers (Microbiology and Immunology)


Ehrhard Bahr (Germanic Languages)

Joseph Cascarano (Biology)

B. Lamar Johnson (Education)

Daniel Kivelson (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Richard D. Lehan (English)


Vernon E. Denny (Chemical Engineering)

Peter N. Ladefoged (Linguistics)

Arthur D. Schwabe (Medicine)

Duane E. Smith (Political Science)

Andreas Tietze (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)


Barbara K. Keogh (Education)

James N. Miller (Microbiology and Immunology)

David S. Rodes (English)

Ned A. Shearer (Speech)

Charles A. West (Chemistry and Biochemistry)


Kirby A. Baker (Mathematics)

David Evans (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Albert Hoxie (History)

Nhan Levan (Electrical Engineering)

Judith L. Smith (Physiological Science)


Robert B. Edgerton (Anthropology, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences)

David S. Eisenberg (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Victoria A. Fromkin (Linguistics)

Robert C. Neerhout (Pediatrics)

Andrea L. Rich (Speech)


Alma M. Hawkins (World Arts and Cultures)

Morris Holland (Psychology)

Paul M. Schachter (Linguistics)

Stanley A. Wolpert (History)

Richard W. Young (Neurobiology)


Marianne Celce-Murcia (Teaching English as a Second Language and Applied Linguistics)

Jesse J. Dukeminier (Law)

George R. Guffey (English)

Marilyn L. Kourilsky (Education)

Chand R. Viswanathan (Electrical Engineering)


Michael J.B. Allen (English)

Henry M. Cherrick (Dentistry)

Richard C. Maxwell (Law)

J. William Schopf (Earth and Space Sciences)

Verne N. Schumaker (Chemistry and Biochemistry)


William R. Allen (Economics)

Michael E. Jung (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

J. Fred Weston (Management)

Thomas D. Wickens (Psychology)

Johannes Wilbert (Anthropology)


Steven Krantz (Mathematics)

Paul I. Rosenthal (Communication Studies)

Christopher Salter (Geography)

James H. White (Mathematics)

Stephen C. Yeazell (Law)


A.R. Braunmuller (English)

Fredi Chiappelli (Italian)

Kenneth L. Karst (Law)

Richard F. Logan (Geography)

Ronald F. Zernicke (Physiological Science)


Arnold J. Band (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)

Charles L. Batten, Jr. (English)

Lucien B. Guze (Medicine)

Gerald Lopez (Law)

Andy Wong (Dentistry)


Dean Bok (Neurobiology)

Robin S. Liggett (Architecture and Urban Design, Urban Planning)

William Melnitz (Theater)

Joseph K. Perloff (Medicine)

Karen E. Rowe (English)


Claude Bernard (Physics and Astronomy)

Bryan C. Ellickson (Economics)

Robert S. Elliott (Electrical Engineering)

Albert D. Hutter (English)

Charles M. Knobler (Chemistry and Biochemistry)


Robert Dallek (History)

Hooshang Kangerloo (Radiological Sciences)

Jeffrey Prager (Sociology)

Stanley Siegel (Law)

Sandra A. Thompson (Linguistics)


Patricia M. Greenfield (Psychology)

David F. Martin (Computer Science)

Mark W. Plant (Economics)

Ross P. Shideler (Comparative Literature, Scandinavian Section)

William D. Warren (Law)


Roger A. Gorski (Neurobiology)

Patricia A. Keating (Linguistics)

Leonard Kleinrock (Computer Science)

Martin Wachs (Urban Planning)

Scott L. Waugh (History)


Lawrence W. Bassett (Radiological Sciences)

E. Bradford Burns (History)

Kenneth W. Graham, Jr. (Law)

Howard Suber (Film and Television)

Richard A. Yarborough (English)


Alison G. Anderson (Law)

Ann L.T. Bergren (Classics)

Charles A. Berst (English)

Michael J. Goldstein (Psychology)

Richard L. Sklar (Political Science)


John B. Garnett (Mathematics)

Kathleen L. Komar (Comparative Literature, Germanic Languages)

William G. Roy (Sociology)

Stephen Yenser (English)

Eric M. Zolt (Law)


Peter M. Narins (Physiological Science)

Gary B. Nash (History)

John S. Wiley (Law)

Merlin C. Wittrock (Education)

Ruth Yeazell (English)


Michael R. Asimow (Law)

Edward G. Berenson (History)

Robert A. Bjork (Psychology)

Margaret FitzSimmons (Urban Planning)

Kenneth R. Lincoln (English)


Bruce L. Baker (Psychology)

Paul B. Bergman (Law)

Robert B. Goldberg (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)

Peter E. Kollock (Sociology)

Eugen Weber (History)


Calvin B. Bedient (English)

Richard B. Kaner (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Katherine C. King (Classics)

William G. Ouchi (Management)

Bruce Schulman (History)


David A. Binder (Law)

Jon P. Davidson (Earth and Space Sciences)

Melvin Oliver (Sociology)

Barbara L. Packer (English)

E. Victor Wolfenstein (Political Science)


Noriko Akatsuka (East Asian Languages and Cultures)

Douglas Hollan (Anthropology)

V.A. Kolve (English)

Jerome Rabow (Sociology)

Paul V. Reale (Music)


Walter Allen (Sociology)

Judith A. Carney (Geography)

William M. Gelbart (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Phyllis A. Guzé (Medicine)

Peter B. Hammond (Anthropology)


Uptal Banerjee (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)

Christine D. Gutierrez (Education)

Susan McClary (Musicology)

Arnold B. Scheibel (Neurobiology, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences)

Ivan Szelenyi (Sociology)


George W. Bernard (Dentistry)

Verónica Cortínez (Spanish and Portuguese)

Wayne A. Dollase (Earth and Space Sciences)

Jayne E. Lewis (English)

Joshua S.S. Muldavin (Geography)


Grace Ganz Blumberg (Law)

Alessandro Duranti (Anthropology)

Richard H. Gold (Radiological Sciences)

N. Katherine Hayles (English)

Bernard Weiner (Psychology)


Scott H. Chandler (Physiological Science)

Efraín Kristal (Spanish and Portuguese)

Hector F. Myers (Psychology)

David Sklansky (Law)

Robert N. Watson (English)


Michael J. Colacurcio (English)

Glen M. MacDonald (Geography)

Kevin Terraciano (History)

James W. Trent (Education)

Brian Walker (Political Science)


Christopher R. Anderson (Mathematics)

Steven G. Clarke (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Anne K. Mellor (English)

Lee Todd Miller (Pediatrics)

Grant S. Nelson (Law)


Joseph J. DiStefano III (Computer Science, Medicine)

Robin L. Garrell (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

A.P. Gonzalez (Film, Television, and Digital Media)

Mitchell B. Morris (Musicology)

Kirk J. Stark (Law)


David B. Kaplan (Philosophy)

Kathryn A. Morgan (Classics)

Mark R. Morris (Physics and Astronomy)

Jesús Torrecilla (Spanish and Portuguese)

Joan Waugh (History)


Roger Bourland (Music)

Robert G. Fovell (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences)

Elma González (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Elizabeth A. Marchant (Spanish and Portuguese)

Mike Rose (Education)

Keith D. Stolzenbach (Civil and Environmental Engineering)


Robert A. Gurval (Classics)

Patricia M. McDonough (Education)

Albert J. Moore (Law)

Kenneth A. Nagy (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

David L. Rigby (Geography)

Geoffrey W. Symcox (History)


John A. Agnew (Geography)

Devon Carbado (Law)

Valerie J. Matsumoto (Asian American Studies, History)

Behzad Razavi (Electrical Engineering)

Daniel G. Solórzano (Education)

Blaire Van Valkenburgh (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)


Elizabeth L. Bjork (Psychology)

Peggy M. Fong (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Linda C. Garro (Anthropology)

Teofilo F. Ruiz (History)

Benjamin J. Schwartz (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Robert S. Winter (Music)


Roger Detels (Epidemiology)

Luisa M. Iruela-Arispe (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)

Yung-Ya Lin (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Mark B. Moldwin (Earth and Space Sciences)

Susan J. Plann (Applied Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese)

Janice L. Reiff (History)


Katsushi Arisaka (Physics and Astronomy)

Daniel T. Blumstein (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

John T. Caldwell (Film, Television, and Digital Media)

Albert J. Courey (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Jerry Kang (Law)

Steven P. Reise (Psychology)


Ann E. Carlson (Law)

Andrew Christensen (Psychology)

Ian Krouse (Music)

Patricia E. Phelps (Integrative Biology and Physiology)

Yahya Rahmat-Samii (Electrical Engineering)

Philip W. Rundel (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)


C. Cindy Fan (Geography)

Brandon Koretz (Geriatric Medicine)

Mignon R. Moore (Sociology)

Claudia Parodi-Lewin (Spanish and Portuguese)

Jonathan P. Stewart (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Christopher S. Tang (Management)


Michael F. Carey (Biological Chemistry)

John J. Colicelli (Biological Chemistry)

Rachelle H. Crosbie-Watson (Integrative Biology and Physiology)

Jonathan H. Grossman (English)

Lynn A. Hunt (History)

David Delgado Shorter (World Arts and Cultures/Dance)

Megan McDonnell Sweeney (Sociology)


Paul H. Barber (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Earl G. Freymiller (Dentistry)

Neil K. Garg (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Hilary A. Godwin (Environmental Health Sciences)

Hiroshi Motomura (Law)

Felicity A. Nussbaum (English)


Robert W. Fink (Musicology)

Alan Garfinkel (Integrative Biology and Physiology, Medicine)

Thomas W. Gillespie (Geography)

Tyrone C. Howard (Education)

Daniel T. Kamei (Bioengineering)

Joanna C. Schwartz (Law)


Joseph E. Bristow (English)

Mark S. Goorsky (Materials Science and Engineering)

Frank A. Laski (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)

Elisabeth C. Le Guin (Musicology)

James O. Lloyd-Smith (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Steven A. Margulis (Civil and Environmental Engineering)


Donald G. Buth (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Alex C. Purves (Classics)

Eric Sung (Dentistry)

Abigail G. Saguy (Gender Studies, Sociology)

Ingrid Eagly (Law)

Alvaro Sagasti (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)


Lorrie A. Frasure-Yokley (Political Science)

Christopher M. Kelty (Society and Genetics)

David W. MacFadyen (Comparative Literature, Musicology)

Vilma Ortiz (Sociology)

C.E.B. Reas (Design/Media Arts)

Sarah Abrevaya Stein (History)


Anastassia Alexandrova (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Kathleen Bawn (Political Science)

Gregory F. Grether (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Katsuya Hirano (History)

Eric S. Sheppard (Geography)

Stephanie A. White (Integrative Biology and Physiology)


E. Tendayi Achiume (Law)

Neveen S. El-Farra (Medicine)

MarySue V. Heilemann (Nursing)

David D. Kim (Germanic Languages)

Tamara J. M. Levitz (Comparative Literature)

Matthew D. Lieberman (Psychology)